A woman smiling while watering her plants, emphasizing the environmental strategies that ONE Social Investment employs as high-impact initiatives.

Flight to the Field

We strengthened the economic, social, cultural, and environmental capacities of 15 families in Soledad, one educational institution, and around 30 more families in Cartagena by implementing organic gardens in the homes of migrant or returning women.

We achieved 180 technical assists, zero food waste, and allocated 84% of the produce for commercialization with the city’s best restaurants, leaving the remaining 16% for household consumption.

Families have reported up to a 400% increase in income and a 240% increase in crop yield. This initiative represents a significant social investment, generating a positive economic impact for the families involved, and a notable environmental impact by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and reducing food waste.


Cartagena, Bolivar y Soledad, Atlántico


Fundación Granitos de Paz


695 people

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