Sustainability strategy

Learn about the methodology that gave rise to the priorities within our sustainability strategy.


We aspire to be an active part of a new way of developing social work, more
efficient, capable of being sustained over time and multiplying their positive impact.

• Social impact
• Economic impact
• Environment impact

Origin of the strategy

In 2023 we transformed from Fundación Viva to become ONE, Social Investmen of patient capital. The overarching purpose is to build a better future through projects with proven impact and with the conviction that we can attract more resources for sustainable development and overcoming inequalities.

An understanding of Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) issues is essential, and we recognise the need to build a vision for the future together with stakeholders. Therefore, we undertook a study to be in tune with what the world today demands of organisations, and to marry those up with the expectations of priority stakeholders.


The tool applied for the prioritisation of stakeholders considered two-way variables of influence and dependence on 3 aspects: decision making and strategy, obtaining income and operation of the organisation and reputation or corporate image, rating each stakeholder group from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest value (no influence) to 5 (very high influence).

Prioritised stakeholders

The stakeholders selected were those with the highest scores on the criteria of
influence and dependence criteria described above.

Definition of issues to be consulted.

Previously, the Portafolio Verde team conducted a benchmarking exercise to identify potential sustainability issues in the services sector. The search for good practices included the review of information available in management reports, and websites of counterparts, sustainability methodological frameworks, and the disclosure of content.

One of the results of the analysis of the benchmarks was the input to obtain the list of relevant issues for ONE in terms of sustainability

Issues of interest

In agreement with ONE's directors and considering the mission, vision and values, market trends and the issues that are most relevant to the segment to be impacted, a list of relevant 13 issues were prioritised for consultation, of which 2 correspond to the economic-structural component, 5 to the environmental component and 6 to the social-community component. The following is the detail of each one:


At the point where the prioritised stakeholder expectations and those of the organisation coincide, this becomes the focus of materiality. It is at this point that the material issues are determined, and a management approach should be established for each of them, thus building the backbone of the sustainability strategy and reporting.

Strategic lines

Material issues represent a holistic approach by having a strategic focus – economic, environmental, and social. ONE means to focus on the issues that have. the greatest impact and provide key information for decision making.


The results obtained allow us to enrich ONE’s vision for the future and to continue aligning our strategic thinking and acting with all our stakeholders in mind.

This exercise is relevant to continue communicating and being accountable in a transparent and detailed way, as well as being a source of valuable information that will allow us to set challenges that maximise the positive impact on communities while ensuring economic viability and thus continue contributing to the promotion of growth, innovation, and social transformation projects.

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