what we do

Day to day

We understand that vulnerable people have weakened environments and face greater risks of social exclusion. Our response is to promote, through economic and strategic resources, initiatives and projects that promote well-being, social development and the eradication of poverty.

We seek to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people through building capacity, providing patient capital, and building trust with organizations that share our higher purpose.


We change the world project by project! We combine knowledge from the business world with the experience and will of organizations that are committed to social change:

We identify

Social projects and initiatives that generate transformations in a community.

We contribute

Own capital and that of our benefactor allies who see in us a more strategic way to build a better future. We make long-term investments with risk tolerance.

We strengthen

The leadership and strategies of our beneficiaries through the development of skills and integration with others, so that they can improve the impact and their possibilities of sustainability over time.

We measure

We define indicators and rigorously measure the impacts to demonstrate the transformation we achieve together.

Where we are

Our geographic focus is currently in Colombia, but we work in partnership with One Foundation Ireland, our main benefactor and inspiration.

Transformation projects

Get to know all the projects we lead with our partners

Sustainable tourism in Los Flamencos
Vuelo al Campo

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


Consult our reports such as Viva Air Foundation and One Social Investment.
By joining forces we collectively build the solutions we long for as a society.